Comprehensive Case Building Training [Work in Progress]

Many of our users have asked for Online Training and a more self-directed way to learn to build on the Common Benefits Platform. Our approach is to compartmentalize this training into separate articles/topics, and maintain this document as a guide for you all.

Below you will find links to all of the related help articles on the site so far, as well as placeholder links for articles not yet drafted. If you have an urgent question which is not addressed here, post a new topic and our team will respond!

Getting Started

What am I building?

This guide covers the setup and deployment of a new company on the Common Benefits platform, including Benefits Administration, and Employee Self-service.

If you have never seen the Common Benefits platform or are interested in knowing what the end result looks like, please reach out to our sales team to schedule a demo webinar.

What will I need?

The setup of any company requires that you have all of the information about the company:

  • Benefit Information
  • Census Information
  • Coverage Information
  • User Information
  • Etc.

While this information can take some time to gather, you can start with any information you have and continue to add additional details to your setup as they are received.


Company Setup

Creating a new Company
Building Benefits
Benefit Rules
Classes, Locations, and Divisions
Groups (of employees)
Custom Fields
Employee Defaults
Payroll Schedule(s)

Census and Coverage Information

Importing Employee and Dependent Census Information
Importing Existing Coverage

Configuring the Company for Enrollment

Enroller Assisted Enrollments
Self-Service Enrollments

Creating Reports and Exports

Running Reports
Creating SyncaPay Plus Exports
Creating 834 Exports
Automating Exports