Configuring Self-Service Settings


This article will provide an overview of the different settings that may be configured for Self-Service enrollment.

From the Home screen click on Self Service and then on Settings to display the settings screen. This is divided into different sections that cover the various configuration items.

Click on a section header to expand that section:

Each section is described below:

'New Account' Settings

The 'New Account' Settings screen is where the identification and validation criteria are specified for self-service account creation. This is the information that the individual will enter to identify their record in the database and also to verify their identity when creating their self-service account.

There are two scenarios that will need to be configured. Click Edit to configure the criteria:

  • With Invitation: When self-service notification emails are used, the individual will only need to provide information to verify their identity. The system will have already identified their record based on the invitation code in the email.

  • Without Invitation: Identification and Verification criteria will need to be specified when self-service notification emails are not used.

Select the criteria that should be used by placing a check next to the item. Click Save to complete the configuration or Cancel to discard the settings.

Open Access Settings

When a company is configured to use Open Access, it does not require the employee record to be loaded in the database prior to self-service enrollment. The individual will create their own record in the database at time of account creation on the self-service site.

Your Common Census representative will have to configure these settings.

Forget Username/Password Settings

This setting allows an individual to reset the user name associated with their self-service account from the self-service site.

To enable, place a check next to the Allow Users to Reset Username setting and then click Edit to select the identity and verification criteria that will be used. Click Submit to save the configuration or Cancel to discard the settings.


Third Party Identity Providers

This setting enables the functionality to user a third party provider to verify the individual’s identity when creating their self-service account.

Your Common Census representative will have to configure these settings.

CBI Tool Configuration

This setting will determine which tools are displayed to the individual during self-service enrollment.

Click Edit to enable or disable the individual tools.

Click Submit to save the configuration or Cancel to discard the settings.

Configurable Field Settings

This setting will enable or disable the fields that display during self-service enrollment. There is also the option to hide certain screens and all of the fields contained on that screen.

Click Edit to launch the configuration utilitly.


  • Visible: unchecking this setting will hide the field or screen from displaying on self-service.

  • Editable: unchecking this setting will make the field read only and not able to be edited by the Individual.

Click Restore Defaults to reset the settings back to the default of all fields visible and editable.

Messaging Settings

This setting enables the ability for an individual to send a message to an administartor during self-service enrollment.

The message feature is handled through the Common Benefits software and should not be confused with a text messaging or similar application. The administrator is a user that has the necessary permissions levels on Common Benefits to view messages sent through the system.

Check the box next to to the Enable Employees Messaging box to enable this feature.


Presentation Screen

This setting allows a presentation screen to be added to the self-service site. The presentation screen will be the first screen that the individual will see after logging onto self-service.

Check the I agree that I am responsible in case of attaching malicious scripts box and then click Choose Presentation File to select the file to use as a presentation screen.