How to Open a Self Service Enrollment Session

The steps below will describe how to open a self service enrollment session. A session may be opened for an Individual or Groups of individuals that you specify based on class, location, division, and/or hire date.


  • This feature is only available if self-service is enabled for the Company.
  • Self-Service settings should be configured prior to enabling benefits for Self-Service enrollment.
  • Archived individual records will not be included in a Self-Service enrollment session.
  • The individual’s record must contain a home and/or work email if an invitation will be sent to them from Common Benefits.

Creating a New Self-Service Enrollment Session

  1. From the company Home screen, click Self Service and then Enrollment Session Configuration .

  2. Click Add Enrollment Session

  3. Enter a Name to identify the self-service enrollment session and the Start and End dates for the period of time when benefits will be available for self-service enrollment.

    Note: The End date takes effect at 12:01 AM on the date entered. If employees should still be able to enroll on this date, then the end date needs to be set to one day later.

  4. Select which benefits to include under Select Benefits.

  5. Finally, select the audience of employees that should be included in the enrollment. This can be set for all active employee records, by individual employee, or for a custom group of employees.

  6. Configure Notifications. Notifications can be used to send emails to specific groups of individuals automatically based on their progress through the self-service interview process. See more information on Self-Service Notifications.

  7. Click Save to create the self service enrollment session.