EDI 834 format Files

Common Census’s EDI team handles the setup of file feeds in the 834 format on our platform.

An EDI 834 file is a standardized file format using the HIPAA 5010 standard and is used by health carriers and other vendors for the exchange of data. Dental and Vision carriers may also use this standard for data exchange.

Note: Even though the file format is standardized, each carrier and vendor has their own interpretation of how the data properties are handled on their internal system. For this reason, a common Census EDI analyst is required to review the carrier’s specification and configure the export to meet their requirements.

Common Census’s EDI team requires the following information to configure an EDI 834 file feed:

  • Carrier or vendor’s EDI contact
  • Carrier’s file specification
  • Group Structure with plan mapping details
  • Carrier’s SFTP server information and logon credentials
  • PGP public key (if encryption is required by the Carrier or vendor)

Your Common Census representative will also advise about any setup fees to implement an EDI 834 file configuration.