Setting an Individual's Self-Service User Name or Password

The steps below will describe how an Administrator can set an individual’s Self-Service User Name or Password on Common Benefits Administrator.

Accessing the Self Serve screen on an Individual Record

The Self Serve screen is where the self-service user account is managed for a particular employee.

  1. From the Company Home Screen, select Employees .

  2. Click on the Individual’s name to open the Employee Detail screen.

  3. Click Self Serve on the Overview page.

Modifying an Existing Self-Service Account

The following options are available for managing an existing self-service account.

  • Click Change Credentials to set a new self-service password. The individual will be prompted to change this password on first login.
  • Click Lock Account to prevent the individual from logging into Self-service
  • Click Delete Account to remove the individual’s self-service account.

Note: Deleting an individual’s Self-Service Account does not impact any benefit enrollments, declinations, or changes made by the individual to their personal information.

Creating a new Self-Service Account for an Individual

  1. Click Create Account to set a self-service user name and password for the individual.

  2. Enter the Login Name and Password.


  3. Click Submit to save.