How to View and Update Existing Self Service Enrollment Sessions

The steps below will explain how to view existing self service enrollment sessions and how to make changes to a session.

  1. From the company Home screen click Self Service and then Enrollment Session Configuration .

  2. The Filter by status drop down allows the screen to be toggled between Active, Inactive, and Expired sessions.

    • Active sessions are currently open for self service enrollment.

    • Inactive sessions have been suspended but the end date is still in the future. An Administrator may activate the session to resume enrolling.

    • Expired sessions are no longer enrolling and the end date is in the past. An expired session cannot be resumed.

  3. The following actions are available when viewing self service enrollment sessions.

    Item Description
    Deactivate/Active This allows an Active or Inactive session to be suspended/resumed
    Edit This allows the settings for an Active or Inactive session to be changed
    Options The allows the session to be renamed, copied, or to generate a status report