How to Generate Interview Confirmation Forms

The steps below will describe how to generate interview confirmation forms from Common Benefits Administrator using the Generate Forms tool.


  • The Company must be configured to use an Interview Confirmation Form.
  • The Enrollment must be made through an Employee Interview.
  • An Employee interview must be assigned a Complete - Interview Finalized or Complete - HR Changes Only status.
  • Employee Self Service enrollments do not use Interview Confirmation Forms.

Generating the Interview Confirmation Form

  1. From the company Home screen click Tools and then Generate Forms

  2. Click Generate next to the Interview Confirmation Form.

  3. Select the employees that should be included. You can specify employees for particular Classes, Locations, Divisions or by individual employee.

  4. Select one or more of the options under Other Options to further refine which Interview Confirmations forms are included.


  5. Click Generate

  6. A status screen will display and the Interview Confirmation forms will then be available for download.