How to Generate an interview Confirmation Form from an individual's record

The steps below will describe how to generate an interview confirmation form on Common Benefits Administrator from an individual’s record.


  • The Company must be configured to use an Interview Confirmation Form.
  • The Enrollment must be made through an Employee Interview.
  • An Employee interview must be assigned a Complete - Interview Finalized or Complete - HR Changes Only status.
  • Self Service enrollments do not use Interview Confirmation Forms.
  • The User must be assigned the Enrollment Manager, HR, or Broker permission level.

Generating the Interview Confirmation Form

  1. From the company Home Screen, click on Employees.

  2. select the employee record by clicking on their name.

  3. Click on History.

  4. Under Interviews History, click on View to display the Interview Confirmation Form.

  5. Click Save as PDF to download the form.


  6. Click the X in the upper right hand corner to close the window and return to the History screen.