The New Employee Wizard

Adding a New Employee

This article will provide instructions on how to create a new employee record on Common Benefits.

The Employees Screen

Employee records can be managed from the Employees screen. Follow these steps to begin adding a new employee.

  1. From the company Home Screen, click on Employees .

  2. Click New Employee and select the Add New Employee option.

The Add New Employee Wizard

The Add New Employee wizard will guide you through the process of adding a new employee. After the first screen of the wizard is completed, the three following screens are optional.


The Personal Information screen is where the employee’s demographic, employment, and compensation information is entered.

Fields highlighted in yellow are required and a value must be entered before proceeding to the next page.

After all fields have been completed, click the Save and Continue button to proceed to the next screen. Clicking Cancel will discard the employee information and return to the Employees screen.


On the Dependents screen, you may add a spouse, children, and other dependents to the employee. Dependents can be added at a later date, but they must be added before the employee can enroll them in benefits.

After completing the Personal Information screen, the employee has been added to the database. Clicking Close at any time will exit the Add New Employee wizard, and the new employee can be found on the Employees page.

Click Add Dependent to open the Dependent Information page. Enter the dependent information and then click Save . Repeat this process for each dependent.

Click Continue to proceed to the next screen, or Close to exit the wizard.


The Benefits screen may be used to make benefit elections for the employee, or to enable benefits for self-service, if applicable. The employee’s benefit elections may also be entered at a later date.

Click on any benefit to enroll or decline that benefit.

Many collaborating carrier benefits must be enrolled through an employee interview by a licensed enroller or through employee self-service. A list of collaborating carrier products can be found on the Common Census website.

Click Continue to proceed to the next screen, or Close to exit the wizard.


On the Setup Self Service screen, you may view and edit the benefits which are available for Employee Self Service, and send an email invitation to the employee. Benefits may be configured for self-service at a later date.

Click Enable Benefits For Self-Enroll to enter the date range during which the employee may sign in and enroll, and select which benefits are available during that time. Click OK to save your changes.

Once benefits have been made available for self-service, click Send Invitation To Self-Service to compose an email message to the employee including information about the self-service website. If no email address was added to the Personal Information page, an email address for the employee will be required.

Click Close to finish the Add New Employee wizard and open the Employee Detail screen