Setting User Permissions based on Class, Location, and Division

The steps below will describe how to assign Permissions to Users on which Classes, Locations, and Divisions they may access when viewing individual records on Common Benefits. A User may only view the records for which they have permissions to view.

By default, Users are able to view all Classes, Locations, and Divisions when first added to a Company.

Prerequisites: This feature is only available to Administrators with the Manage Users permission.

Setting the permissions for a user

  1. From the Home screen click on Company Setup and then Users


  2. Click on an existing Subgroup or click Add Subgroup to create a new Subgroup

  3. Click Permissions


  4. Select/Deselect the Locations, Divisions, and Classes the Subgroup may access.

  5. Click Save to return to the Manage Users screen.

  6. Click on the Subgroup and then on Add User to assign Users to the Subgroup.

    Note: Users already assigned to the Subgroup will have their permissions automatically updated.