Overview of User Types and Privileges

A login is the account that an individual uses to login to Common Benefits. This is their User Name and Password along with the database level privileges they are assigned. Login Privileges apply to all companies on that database.

Database Level Privileges

Privilege Description
Manage Logins Create and Manage Logins including resetting passwords
Setup Companies Allows ability to create new Companies and displays the Benefit Setup Tools at the Company Level

Company Level Privileges

A login is added as a User to a company and assigned a User Type and Privileges specific to that company. A login will only be able to see the companies they are assigned as users.

The User is assigned a user type based on the level of access and available feature they should be allowed.

Feature Broker Human Resources Enrollment Manager Enroller
Access to basic employee data: X X X X
Access to hidden employee data: X X
Edit Employees X X
Interview Employees X X X
PDF Reports X X X X
Excel Exports X X X
Archive/Restore Employees X X
Archive/Restore Companies X

The User is also assigned privileges specific to that Company.

Privilege Description
Manage Users Allows a User to add and remove Users on a Company
Setup Benefits Allows access to the Company setup area where benefits are configured (the Setup Companies privilege is also required to setup benefits)
View and Edit Compensation Information Allows a user to View and Edit compensation when editing or interviewing an employee ( Broker and HR Users can see this information regardless of the privilege setting)
Delete Company This allows the user to delete the Company from the ND Enroller offline enrollment platform.
Manage Enrollment Sessions Allows a User to open and close an enrollment session