Missing License Number or Failed to Retrieve Agent Number Error Message

The steps below describe the missing agent or license number message that may occur after clicking on a benefit during an employee interview.

Description of the Error

This error occurs on certain benefits when the User logged onto Common Benefits does not have a license number setup on the configuration.

This error typically occurs on Voluntary benefits where the insurance carrier requires an application to be taken by a licensed agent.

Some benefits will display Failed to retrieve the agent number for … or License number is missing for ….



The broker or enrollment manager should reach out to their Common Census representative concerning this error.

Common Census will then verify with the Collaborating Carrier whether the agent is able to take applications in that product(s). The Carrier will also need to provide the license number that should be used.

The case configuration would then be updated by Common Census to include the license number. The user will then be able to enroll this benefit.

Additional Information

Common Census does not handle the agent licensing process. The agent is responsible for making sure they are licensed with a particular carrier.