How do I Enroll in Coverage through Self Service?

How do I Enroll in Coverage through Self Service?

Self service benefit enrollment involves progressing through several different screens. You will first verify your personal information, next add dependents, then enroll in benefits, and finally review a summary of everything before submitting your benefit elections.

Note: The information on the self service site was provided by the benefit administrator and may not match the information that your Company has for you. That is why it is important to review all of the information on self service to make sure that it is accurate. This data will be provided to the insurance carrier(s) to issue coverage.

Your Information Screen

The Your Information screen will ask you to verify your personal information. Please make sure to update any information that is inaccurate. Blank fields may also need to be filled in.

The Your Information section is divided into separate tabs that includes Basic Information , Address , and Employment . Click Continue to advance to the next tab.

You may not see the Employment tab as this section is optional and may not be required for your Company.

Dependent(s) Screen

The Dependent(s) screen is where existing dependent records are verified and additional dependents may be added.

Note : If you want to enroll your dependents in coverage, then they must be setup on the Dependent(s) screen.

Click Edit next to the dependent name to review that dependent or click Continue to advance through each dependent. Once a dependent has been reviewed the status next to their name will change from Not Reviewed to Reviewed .

Click Add Dependent to create a new dependent record.

You can remove dependents by clicking Delete next to their name.

Note : deleted dependents are removed from any coverage they may currently be enrolled. If you are unsure if the dependent record can be safely deleted, please contact your benefit administrator for assistance.

Benefits Screen

The Benefits screen is where you will enroll or waive coverage for each benefit. All available benefits must be reviewed to complete self service enrollment.

This screen is divided into several subsections that include Available benefits, Requested & Current Benefits , and Waived / Declined benefits. To expand or collapse a subsection, click on the subsection’s name.

Click on a benefit name to display a summary screen where you may view optional plan documents, enroll in coverage, or waive coverage.

Click Enroll to apply for coverage in that benefit. You will proceed through a series of screens where enrollment information is entered.

After you have enrolled in a benefit, it will move from the list of Available Benefits to the list of Requested & Current Benefits. Click Modify Enrollment to make a change to your benefit election. Some benefits may only have a View option.

Declined benefits will be listed under the Waived / Declined section. These benefits may still be enrolled by clicking on the benefit name and then on Enroll .

Summary Screen

The Summary screen allows you to review your personal information, dependents, and benefit elections prior to finalizing your self service enrollment.

Click on Generate a printer friendly version for a printable summary of your benefit elections.

click on each subsection to collapse or expand that section. Click Edit to return to a prior screen.

Once you have confirmed that all information is correct, click Continue to proceed to the final screen.

Click on one of the following options to complete your self service enrollment.

  • Finish and Submit your enrollment This will send your benefits elections to the benefit administrator for approval. You will still be able to make changes to your elections if necessary until the end of the self service enrollment period.
  • Submit your enrollment later This allows you to return at a later time to continue making your benefit elections.

Note : You may only make benefit elections while the self service enrollment period is open. If you select the option to Submit your enrollment later and the self service enrollment period ends, then you will not be able to finish making your benefit elections through self service.

Your personal information and dependents may be updated at any time. This applies to even when the self service enrollment session has ended.


If you selected the Finish and submit your enrollment option then a confirmation screen will display.

Click on Generate a printer friendly version for a printable summary of your benefit elections.

A printable summary of your benefit elections is always available on the Summary screen. You can login to Self Service at any time to generate this summary.

Click Log Out to log off.