Archiving an Employee Record

Archiving Employee Records

This article explains the process for archiving individual records on Common Benefits.

The Employee Archive

The employee archive is a storage space for inactive employee records. Archived employee records do not appear on reports, exports, or data feeds.

Individual records can be archived from the Employees screen, or from the Employee Detail screen.

From the Employees screen, administrators can toggle the view between active and archived employee records by clicking the Archived Employees and Active Employees buttons.


  • The Company must be in either Administrative Mode or an active Enrollment Session suspended to archive employee records.
  • If data feeds are being used to send data to a carrier or vendor, then it is important to make sure recent changes to the employees record, such as terminations, are first sent on any ongoing feeds before archiving the record.

Archiving from the Employees Screen

From the Home screen click on Employees to open the employees list.


Click Archive next to the Individual’s name and then Archive to confirm.



Multiple records may be archived from the Employees screen.

  1. Check the box next to each individual’s name or check Select All to automatically select all of the records on the screen.

  2. Click Archive Selected and then Archive to confirm.

Archiving an individual from the Employee Detail Screen

Users assigned broker level access are able to archive employees from the Employee Detail screen.

  1. From the Employees screen, click on the employee’s name to open the Employee Details screen.

  2. Click Archive on the Overview screen and then on OK to confirm.