Sending Self-Service Invitations

The steps below will describe how to configure and send an email to employees from Common Benefits Administrator. This email is known as an Invitation and contains instructions on how the Employee may access the Self Service enrollment site. Invitations may be sent to the home and/or work email address in the Employee’s record.


  • This feature is only available if self-service is configured for the Company.
  • Invitations are sent after Benefits have been enabled for Self Service and Self Service Settings configured.
  • The Employee’s record will need to contain an email address.
  • Archived Employee records will not be sent an Invitation

Selecting Recipients

Invitations may be sent to a group of employees or to individually selected employees.


Using the Group tab, invitations can be sent to groups of employees based on their Employment Status , Class , Location , Division or Hire Date .


By default, all active employees are recipients. Click Add Filter to create a new filter. This will allow the recipient list to be limited to the employees specified in the filter.

Click Remove to remove a previously added filter.


The Individuals tab allows invitations to be sent to individual employees.


Click Add Employee to select the employees individually by name. Check the box on the employee nameplate(s) to include that employee. Click Select to add the selected employees to the recipients list.

Recipients may be removed by clicking on their name and then clicking Remove Employee .

Customizing the Invitation

The invitation subject line, body, from address, and whether to use the Employee’s home and/or work email may be customized.

  • The Additional Message will be included in the email body in addition to the default message text that contains instructions concerning the self-service website.

  • The Mode will determine which email address to use when sending the invitation to the employee. Invitations may be sent to the employee’s home email, work email, or both.

    **Note: When Use home and then work e-mail address or Use work and then home e-mail
    is selected. The system will first try to send the invitation to the first email address and if
    missing from the Employee’s record will send the invitation to the second email address.

Sending the Invitation

  1. Click Send Invitation(s) to send the email to the selected employees. A system generated message will be available on the company Home Screen with the status of sent invitations.

  2. Click View Messages on the Home Screen.

  3. Click the Send Invitations subject line to open the message.

The number of sent and failed invitations will be listed. Invitations will fail when an employee record does not contain a valid email address.


Common Census cannot track the email after it has left our system. If the email is sent to an inactive email address, or is marked as spam, the employee may not receive their invitation email.